Monday, February 20, 2012


"Red-Eyed" Bobby Brown Leaves Whitney Houston's Funeral with Posse in Tow

"Red-Eyed" Bobby Brown Leaves Whitney Houston's Funeral with Posse in Tow  
Each of the 1,500 invitations to Whitney Houston's funeral in Newark, NJ admits just one, but apparently her ex-husband Bobby Brown did not receive that memo.
According to New Jersey paper The Star Ledger, the R&B singer, 43, arrived outside of the New Hope Baptist Church Saturday afternoon with an entourage of nine people in tow, demanding that they all get seats in the front row.
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The paper adds that Brown himself was allowed in, but he opted to leave with the rest of the people not admitted.
"He was allowed to go in, pay his respects and then he had to leave," a witness tells Us Weekly. "He was red-eyed going up to the casket and then left. He was there for 15 minutes."
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A source has told Us that there is still underlying tension between Houston's relatives and Brown, who married Houston in 1992. Their divorce was finalized in 2007.
"There are family members who felt Bobby drove Whitney into drugs," one source explained. "But now Bobby is clean and Whitney has unfortunately passed. So there's resentment."
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Brown is expected to perform at his scheduled concert, which takes place in Connecticut.

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